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Spatial Initiatives is headed up by Consulting Lead and CEO Brent W. Gelhar, MBA,CMC

Brent  is an international corporate organization leader and technology commercialization consultant. He spent over 14 years in Hong Kong and Singapore  while heading up various divisions and companies at  Carl Zeiss  AG.  From 2002 through 2012, Brent joined Optech Inc. in Toronto (now part of Teledyne Corp.).

Throughout his wide ranging career experiences, Brent has been involved with many  diverse technologies, including photogrammetry, survey instrumentation, medical and research microscopy, electron beam optics, semiconductor processing and QC/QA inspections system. He was a key player in driving the successful development and market deployment of the first dedicated mobile mapping lidar systems, the first airborne lidar with multipulse-in-the-air technology, the first ultracompact airborne lidar for UAV deployment, along with a family of long range high-precision tripod mounted stationary scanners.

Brent is currently based in Toronto and  sits on the advisory boards of several companies in Canada and Europe. He is active at the Canadian Association of Management Consultants, mentoring new candidates to their professional designation programs. Brent studied Computer Engineering, has earned a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Leicester University in the UK, and holds a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) professional designation.

Advisory Boards
True North Consulting, Toronto, Canada    www.truenorthconsult.com
Siteco Informatica, Bologna, Italy             www.sitecoinf.it

International Lidar Mapping Forum 2014    www.ilmf.org
Commercialization Reactor, Riga, Latvia    www.commercializationreactor.com
Gexcel Srl., Brescia, Italy (2011-2014)         www.gexcel.it 

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