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To allow personal privacy or not, that is the question!

So David Cameron says all data encryption should be regulated and available to be accessed by the authorities, Barack Obama seems to sort of kind of agree, but the US National Intelligence Council seems to have a very differing view. A secret US cybersecurity report warned that government and private computers were being left vulnerable to online attacks from Russia, China and criminal gangs because encryption technologies were not being implemented fast enough

Read the Guardian article.

You can protect yourself with one of the latest projects I have been involved with growing at www.antiprism.org

New Canadian Laws Threaten Your Internet Privacy

The final piece of the Canadian federal Copyright Modernization Act took effect on Jan. 1, requiring Internet service providers (ISPs) and website hosts to relay letters from copyright holders to customers associated with the unique Internet Protocol (IP) address where questionable downloading is alleged to have occurred.


There is an interesting way to protect your privacy at the www.Antiprism.ca forum item about your privacy.

Season’s Greetings From Brent At Spatial Initiatives Consulting

It has been a very busy and successful year here at Spatial Initiatives consulting and we all want to wish you, your family and your colleagues a very happy and safe holiday season!! We are looking forward to hearing from you and working with all in the very near future.

Spatial Initiatives Teams With Tribus

As of last week, we have now extended our reach by teaming with the Tribus Consortium. This joining of forces provides all our clients with a deeper knowledge and experience base to tap on.

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