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To allow personal privacy or not, that is the question!

So David Cameron says all data encryption should be regulated and available to be accessed by the authorities, Barack Obama seems to sort of kind of agree, but the US National Intelligence Council seems to have a very differing view. A secret US cybersecurity report warned that government and private computers were being left vulnerable to online attacks from Russia, China and criminal gangs because encryption technologies were not being implemented fast enough

Read the Guardian article.

You can protect yourself with one of the latest projects I have been involved with growing at www.antiprism.org

New Canadian Laws Threaten Your Internet Privacy

The final piece of the Canadian federal Copyright Modernization Act took effect on Jan. 1, requiring Internet service providers (ISPs) and website hosts to relay letters from copyright holders to customers associated with the unique Internet Protocol (IP) address where questionable downloading is alleged to have occurred.


There is an interesting way to protect your privacy at the www.Antiprism.ca forum item about your privacy.

Back from Intergeo, Berlin

I spent most of last week in Berlin walking the floor of Intergeo, the largest single GIS and survey related trade show of the year. I met with many old friends from the business and saw many new developments. The most striking were the plethora of UAS systems and different design variants they hold. Here is a really striking version I shared last week


Now, completely aside I just came across this TechCrunch article talking about 3D technologies coming to the market soon. What struck me was the Spanish start-up E-Capture. When I bought my first Android tablet computer 4 years ago, it was an LG model containing a 3D camera. I immediately started discussing with some of my contacts the possibility of developing this type of a system. While all agreed it feasible it was the last economic crises and all were still struggling with business at that time. Well, I’m glad to see that someone picked up the challenge and is making it work


Article In Lidar News

Get an inside view of capital equipment development, design, manufacturing and commercialization considerations in the geospatial and laser scanning business as experiences by Brent Gelhar. http://www.lidarnews.com/PDF/LiDARNewsMagazine_Gelhar-ThoughtsFromSpatialSidelines_Vol4No2.pdf 

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